Vuk Trifkovic

Brian Clough on Product Success

Or Why Sometimes You Got to Be a Bit Daft

If there is one football manager from whom to draw product inspiration - it is certainly Brian Clough1, who passed away almost 10 years to the day.

Out of many Old Big 'Ead quotes there is one one strikes me as particularly valuable.

In his famous 1979 interview with Motson, Clough opens up with winning the league as the ultimate prize. . . .

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September 22, 2014

Bonusbox Stories

Adventures in ecommerce loyalty programme land

As my time with bonusbox wound down, it's time to pull a few things together.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of bonusbox experience was helping to kick off corporate blog. It's hardly a grand oeuvre, but it is good to get an overview at a single place.

Looking back, I've written about a diverse set of issues:

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September 21, 2014

Missing F-word

ProductCamp Berlin '14 Impressions

Last week's ProductCamp Berlin'14 was my third ProductCamp overall, and but the first one in Berlin.

The impressions of ProductCamp are always positive. About 100 product folk at one place, all keen to share, all keen to learn. Hard to go wrong, really...

Where are the F-people?

A week later, one thing still stands out - evident lack . . .

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September 21, 2014

2nd Product Dinner Berlin

Product & Pastrami

What is this Product Dinner you talk about?

The idea is simple - you round up a dozen or so product managers, you put them in a decent restaurant and you let them chat. Given how simple the format is, I am surprised it is not done more often.

Thanks to Anna Alex of Outfittery who organised the event, I was lucky to join in this evening's . . .

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June 19, 2014

ProductTank Berlin #4

New town, old product meetup

If I had any worries about quality product meetups in Berlin, I should not have had.

ProductTank (the folk behind the MindTheProduct conference) have a strong Berlin chapter going. Just yesterday, they held ProductTank Berlin #4. At
MobileSuite too, practically my local...

C-word instead of I-word

Notionally, the topic for the session was . . .

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May 09, 2014

Savio made DoneDone even better. What did you do?

Between an eventful day at bonusbox and an outstanding edition of ProductTank Berlin today has given me not one blog topic but at least three or four.

Before I dive into those, I have to blog briefly about this great project by inimitable Savio. As I've tweeted
enthusiastically, it's a perfect trifecta of Savio's resourcefulness, . . .

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May 09, 2014

What can a product manager learn from Jony Ive?

I've just finished Leander Kahney's "Jony Ive:
The Genius Behind Appleā€™s Greatest Products"
. The book has its flaws, but it is definitely worth a read.

My principal objection is that it relies too much on secondary sources. Yet,
the fact that a seasoned Apple-watcher had to resort to such approach tells
you more about the . . .

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March 03, 2014


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