Vuk Trifkovic

Note to self: Don't argue about industry awards...

I was planning to bitch about winning Design Museum's Design of the
Year 2013
thing, and what I thought was
a bit over the top reaction.

Fortunately for me, first the lazyness got better of me and then I just
realised that there are few things as stupid as calling out an outcome about
any industry awards. . . .

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April 19, 2013

An interesting quote on an interesting essay on geoengineering...

Great quote by Bruce Sterling commenting on geoengineering
post by Adam Corner:

Just for the record, there isn’t going to be any genuine geo-engineering.
Genocide is a hundred times cheaper, faster and easier than geo-engineering
superschemes. The necessary tools are at hand already, and no society with
half its . . .

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April 02, 2013


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